Compensation Surveys Made SIMPLE

Bringing simplicity and ease-of-use to complex compensation surveys to get you the answers you need to make the decisions that matter.

What You Get

Wage & Salary Survey Planning

Before we can get started, we need to understand your needs and goals.

Our first step is a set of meetings to go over every question in our template with you to ensure we are covering every data point you require. Throughout this process, we will make recommendations, change the questionnaire template for you, and ensure your data is viable, year over year, for years to come.

Sensible Surveys Premium Edition

Our fully-featured software makes requesting compensation surveys, collecting answers, and distributing results easy for everyone.

Whether you engage us to survey your participants or if you opt to do it yourself, you still receive a year’s access to the most premium edition of Sensible Surveys. As we improve the system, you continue to get access to all of our upgrades.

Advanced Benefits Survey Template

The default wage and salary survey covers every aspect necessary for benefits at the industry and enterprise levels.

Background Information
General Working Policies
Part Time Employees
Paid Time Off
Paid Sick Leave
Paid Holidays
Cafeteria Plan
Section 125 Plan
Life Insurance
Medical Insurance

Wellness Program
Prescription Drugs Plan
Retiree Benefits
Vision Insurance
Dental Insurance
Short Term Disability
Long-Term Disability
Family Medical Leave Benefits
Work/Family Policies
Child Care
Health Assessments

Retirement Plans
Pension Plan
Profit Sharing
Service Awards
Education Assistance
Jury Duty
Christmas/Holiday Events
Annual Events Benefits
Workplace Wellness

Compensation Module

Customized analytics dashboard with customizable sorting, searching and filters including:

  • Industry
  • Sector
  • Company size
  • Employee types
  • Shift types
  • Career path
  • Percentile-based and actual wages

Wage Survey Setup & Use

  • All or selected SOC codes
  • All or selected industries
  • Customizable roles
  • Questions for every role
  • Advanced, web-based analysis tool
  • Export your results
  • Print your results
  • Upload occupation information via CSV or XLS files, or fill in an online form

Participant Assistance

Intro & Follow-up Phone Calls

Survey participants are hesitant to give away valuable data to anyone. So initial and ongoing phone calls go a long way towards establishing trust, helping participants complete compensation surveys, and helping people understand the value the information will provide back to them.

Our US-based callers are full-time staff members who have or have been trained by team members with HR experience and understand what is needed to get the data you need.

Welcome & Follow-up Emails

In addition to phone calls, you have the option to give every participant a series of personalized and automatic, informative emails about their wage and salary survey, what it does for them, why they should take it, and how it helps their organization.

We always send out automated emails to inform participants as to where they are in the survey process, especially if the survey end date is approaching.  We can also include personalized check-in emails to make sure everything is moving smoothly.

Video Calls

We take it to the next level of assistance by providing video calls to manually guide users through their compensation data surveys, help them upload data, and walk them through example survey results so they can see the value of the system.

Survey Marketing

You can have the best wage and benefits survey in the world, but if your participants don’t understand why they need to complete the survey, how it helps them, or can’t understand the data that it provides, what good it is? Our survey marketing process enables you to help participants understand the value of the survey, complete the survey, and understand the data.

Survey Website

A website dedicated to helping survey takers understand why these questions are important, giving them a centralized place to login, and having a place to ask questions can help build your community and trust so you can ask targeted questions and get the compensation survey data that helps everyone make the right decisions.

Email Campaigns

Before the first survey request is ever sent, we can prepare your survey takers by making sure they know what is coming and why it is important.

Our experienced staff of digital marketers and designers can ensure your participants are prepared before an important survey comes their way.

Promotional Video

Participants often don’t have the time to read extensive documents on the value of a survey that they may or may not want to take. So giving them a quick and interesting video to watch can go a long way. 

Help your participants understand the value while getting some entertainment with a survey promotional video.


Help your participants understand the compensation survey data you collected by returning it to them not just in a web-based dashboard, but also as a comprehensive infographic that takes users through an analysis of the data in a beautiful, easy to understand format. 

*Infographic cost is based on the number of questions in the survey and may be calculated separately in some situations.

Support When & How You Need It

You have questions, you need answers, and you need them now. We understand.

Chat Support

You can get help on our website Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm EST. Just let the chat operator know who you are and that you have priority support and they will expedite your requests.


Email us anytime! When you get started, you will be given your survey success manager’s email address. You can reach out to him any time during the day or night and he will usually get back to you within an hour during the day or first thing the next work day if you sent the email at night.


Call are no problem. In fact, we often prefer them. It’s faster and easier to get on the phone and talk through a problem. When you get started with us, you’ll be given your survey success manager’s direct line and will be able to reach him any time during the business day.

Video Teleconferencing

Maybe it’s the geek in us, but this is certainly our preferred method of communication. You see our faces and if you give us permission, we can see your screen and walk you through the issue with the utmost transparency.   

Complex surveys to send and don’t know where to start?