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Easy to manage, simple to complete surveys. Send complex surveys, analyze data, and distribute results.

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Learn About Our Wage & Benefits Surveys

The Wage & Benefits Survey system and process enables Economic Developers, Workforce, HR, and other business and government team members to gather extensive Wage & Benefits information from their partner companies.

Simple To Manage. Simple To Complete.

Whether you’re starting with one of our pre-built, Ph.D. prepared, survey templates or starting from scratch, Sensible Surveys enables you to prepare and send robust surveys. Sensible Survey’s intuitive design enables you to start fast, your users to move quickly through thorough surveys, and for you to analyze and distribute results to the people and businesses that need the data.

Easy To Create & Send


Modify a survey template or build from scratch


Invite users
and launch survey


and distribute results

Simple & Intuitive

Even complex surveys get simple with features such as:

Simple & Intuitive Design

Users can easily navigate their surveys, know where they left off, ensure they didn’t forget anything, and even get notified if they didn’t finish!

Participants Need to Leave and Come Back? No Problem.

Users never forget where they left off because the system remembers every answer and automatically takes them to their last answered question.

Pre-fill previously answered questions

If you’re requesting users take the same long survey again, such as a wage and benefits survey, all answers can be prefilled from last year and just checked for correctness.

Branching Logic

If this, then that. If a user enters a particular answer, they can be requested to give answer a whole new set of questions, or just skip ahead.

Local Data You Can’t
Get Anywhere Else

You Need Local Data


To make local decisions, you need local data. The only way to get those answers is to ask the right questions in the right way to ensure you get those questions answered.

Sensible Surveys brings simplicity and ease-of-use to complex systems. It enables you to get the answers you need to make the decisions that matter.

Complex surveys to send and don’t know where to start?