Easily create & manage robust surveys.

Create robust, multi-page, surveys and automatically compile data into a single results dashboard that you can distribute to survey takers or use to gather insights and make decisions.

Simple To Start, Intuitive To Take, & Results Compiled Automatically

Robust & Intuitive

Whether you’re starting from scratch or using our pre-built survey templates, any user taking a survey needs to be able to quickly move through the questions and easily answer them. The Sensible Surveys system is taking surveys to the next level with our system that intuitively builds complex surveys while making it simple for users. 

With 14 different types of questions, automatic graphs and charts on results, and a survey system that is simple to take, Sensible Surveys is the easy choice for businesses and government entities researching a variety of questions. 


Editable Pre-Built Survey Templates

Your data needs to be correct. It needs a pro, but they are expensive. What if you could send out complex, pre-built, editable surveys yourself?

Now you can.

Once you’re signed up, it’s as simple as choosing your survey template, checking to make sure it covers all your needs, inviting users, and getting started!

Manage Your Users

  • Track your invited survey takers’ progress through each survey
  • Remind survey takers automatically if they don’t complete the survey on time
  • Get survey takers started fast by uploading all of them at one time
  • Manage your survey takers accounts by adding or removing people easily
  • Reset passwords
  • View individual answers or compiled answers

Analyze Complex Data

  • Filter, sort, and search data
  • View top, middle, and bottom percentiles
  • Enable graphs and charts
  • Get data per survey or compiled from all surveys in a time period
  • Anonymize data to protect user identities prior to distribution using Safe Harbor policies
  • Scientific methods applied to data collection where necessary
  • Export data to Excel or CSV files
  • Enable survey takers to see data and export it as well

Manage Simultaneous Surveys

  • Run as many surveys as you want
  • Tag groups of users for better results
  • Start from scratch or modify survey templates to match your needs
  • View survey progress
  • Set up start and end dates and times
  • Extend or pause your surveys

Simple To Start, Easy To Run

Surveys That Are Easy To

Understand & Use

  • Simple and intuitive design makes survey taking as fast as possible
  • Easy for survey takers to understand their progress within the program
  • Fast to load 
  • The system ensures survey takers never lose track of progress or skip questions.

Distribute Results

  • Analytics available to all survey takers or just to certain users
  • Web-based analytics tool compiles results and does the analysis for you
  • Charts and graphs make data comprehension much easier
  • Survey takers have automatic access to the results of their survey after the survey has been compiled
  • Users have ability to export analytics to Excel or CSV 

Create A Revenue Stream

  • Sell access to your results
  • Sell monthly or yearly access
  • Payments managed through Stripe
  • Set up different methods of access and configure costs

Auto-Remind Your Survey Takers

  • Reminder emails automatically sent to survey takers that have not yet signed up or are behind on their progress
  • Get notified of survey takers who have not been progressing through the system

Complex surveys to send and don’t know where to start?