The Big Trends

Sensible Surveys was at the 2019 SEDC Conference this year, and we noticed that there are some major trends that seemed to be big focal points of the discussions around the floor. This biggest points, from our perspective, seem to revolve around the changes that economic development work has endured in the last decade or so, and the speed at which things continue to change.


Industry Changes

The importance of informatics. The amount of information necessary to effectively support an Economic Development District – be that a county, town, or region – seems to have grown exponentially as our society has leapt headfirst into The Information Age. Because of this, the biggest presence on the show floor was digital development, data, and technology companies. Economic Developers and HR Managers need to be able to access more information — faster! Some companies were even showing off AI systems which are designed for a slew of purposes.

Some of the more interesting things on display were virtual reality systems. While VR has been a big presence in the gaming industry and elsewhere, it has viable applications for economic development, as well. There is talk of using these systems to show locations to potential new businesses – a major cost-saver for business owners who are considering multiple potential sites.

Show & Speakers

Overall, the show was fantastic. The guest speakers, like Ted Abernathy, were brilliant, informative, and fascinating. And they, too, confirmed that the major trends in economic development are all about information and technological development. We learned a lot, and we met a lot of fantastic developers from all over the southeast. If you weren’t there, or if we didn’t get a chance to talk to you, please feel free to reach out to discuss more of the trends mentioned at the show and, of course, how Sensible Surveys could help with simplifying your wage and benefits process.