Economic Development Wage & Benefits Surveys

Survey Setup & Use

  • All or selected SOC codes
  • All or selected industries
  • Customizable roles
  • Questions for every role
  • Advanced, web-based analysis tool
  • Export your results

Customized analytics dashboard with customizable sorting, searching and filters including:

  • Industry
  • Sector
  • Company Size
  • Employee Types
  • Shift Types
  • And More

Two Options For Surveys

There are two ways to use Sensible Surveys for your wage and benefits surveys.

You can either have us run the entire survey for you, or you can do it yourself. If you do it yourself, the cost is $1440 per year for the software, wage and benefits templates, and wages compilation and analysis module. 

If you choose to have us run the survey for you, then the cost is the software plus a project setup fee, and then a per survey taker fee. All of this is explained in the section below entitled “Wage & Benefits Survey Done-For-You Pricing Explained.”

Done-For-You: What You Get

Before we can get started, we need to understand your needs and goals.

Our first step is a set of meetings to go over every question in our template with you to ensure we are covering every data point you require. Throughout this process, we will make recommendations, change the questionnaire template for you, and ensure your data is viable year over year for years to come. 

Once we have your survey planning completed, we will assemble an email campaign and mini-website dedicated and branded to your organization to promote your wage and benefits survey. 

Upon your approval, we will email all of your survey-takers to inform them of the forthcoming survey, the start date, and let them know that they can call us if they have any issues throughout the process of taking the survey. 

The promotional video will be branded to your organization and will inform survey takers about the survey, why it is important, and give them specifics about the survey-taking process. 

This will help survey takers who are less likely to read promotional material to understand the survey. 

When the survey begins, all survey takers will receive an initial phone call from the Sensible Surveys team informing them that the survey has started as well as an offer to help the survey takers progress through the survey. Throughout the survey-taking timeline, survey-takers will be kept on track with four reminder emails, two reminder phone calls, and ongoing promotional emails. 


Once the survey completion date has arrived and as many as possible survey takers have entered their data, the survey will be compiled and delivered back to survey takers via a web-based analytics dashboard. Surveys can also be printed and delivered to survey takers at an additional cost. 

Wage and Benefits survey results are always anonymized according to safe harbor methods to ensure the anonymity of all survey takers. Additionally, individual survey takers data will never be sold or distributed as part of our contract. 


Done For You Cost

Software License Project Setup Survey Taker Cost
$1,440 Starting at $1000 $100 – $150 per Survey Taker
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Software-Only Cost

If you are running the survey without our help, you just need to purchase the software with the wage and benefits modules.

The cost for the software only is $1440 per user per year.

You can send as many surveys as you want, distribute it to as many people as you want, and will have priority support from the Sensible Surveys team.

Wage & Benefits Survey Done-For-You Pricing Explained

Yearly Software License: $1,440

The yearly software license required for a Wage & Benefits Survey is the same as the Premier edition. This package includes the top-level features available for Sensible Surveys as well as the Wage and Benefits templates and compensation module that auto-calculates and displays a number of different aspects of compensation data.

Project Setup Starting At: $1,000

Project setup includes reviewing all questions within the wage & benefits survey and tailoring the survey to match your county or region as well as ensuring that data collected in the first survey will be usable across multiple years so data trends can be effectively delivered.

Per Survey Taker Fee Starting At: $100

Each survey taker you add to the system will be sent a custom-built email campaign that informs them of the survey, how it will be used, and the start and end dates of the survey.

Additionally, initiation emails, follow-up calls, reminder emails, explainer calls, and a custom-designed video for the survey will be delivered to the survey taker to ensure maximum completion rates on each years’ survey.

The Done-For-You plan is exactly what it sounds like. We take care of it for you. Just send us your list of expected survey takers, what kind of survey you want to create, and what questions you need to answer. 

We will devise a survey that provides the answers to your questions, reach out to your target list, remind them (when applicable), compile the data and enable you and your survey takers to access data online through the Sensible Surveys web application.

Benefits Survey

The default wage and benefits survey covers every aspect necessary for benefits at the industry and enterprise levels.

Background Information
General Working Policies
Part Time Employees
Paid Time Off
Paid Sick Leave
Paid Holidays
Cafeteria Plan
Section 125 Plan
Life Insurance
Medical Insurance

Wellness Program
Prescription Drugs Plan
Retiree Benefits
Vision Insurance
Dental Insurance
Short Term Disability
Long-Term Disability
Family Medical Leave Benefits
Work/Family Policies
Child Care
Health Assessments
Retirement Plans
Pension Plan
Profit Sharing
Service Awards
Education Assistance
Jury Duty
Christmas/Holiday Events
Annual Events Benefits
Workplace Wellness

Complex surveys to send and don’t know where to start?