Wage & Benefits Surveys
Have Never Been So Simple

Remember When?

Remember when sending out a survey was tough? Remember when it was hard for your businesses or employees to get through lengthy surveys? Remember when building those surveys was time consuming? Remember when you had to print everything up in giant bound books for everyone?

What? You’re still having those problems?

Get a demo and we’ll walk you through the system today and show you how we can fix ALL of these issues for you!

From The Pros

With Sensible Surveys, you can start with our pre-built 174 question benefits survey or the sensible wage survey with all industries, roles, and SOC codes, or both survesy at the same time.

After you choose your template, you can modify the questions and logic. Each question will still produce it’s own analytics, percentiles, and more in our analytics dashboard. You can also custom add industries and roles if necessary.

Benefits Survey

The default wage and benefits survey covers every aspect necessary for benefits at the industry and enterprise levels.

Background Information
General Working Policies
Part Time Employees
Paid Time Off
Paid Sick Leave
Paid Holidays
Cafeteria Plan
Section 125 Plan
Life Insurance
Medical Insurance

Wellness Program
Prescription Drugs Plan
Retiree Benefits
Vision Insurance
Dental Insurance
Short Term Disability
Long-Term Disability
Family Medical Leave Benefits
Work/Family Policies
Child Care
Health Assessments
Retirement Plans
Pension Plan
Profit Sharing
Service Awards
Education Assistance
Jury Duty
Christmas/Holiday Events
Annual Events Benefits
Workplace Wellness

Wage Survey

The wage survey is a comprehensive system that enables you to query businesses large and small for the wage information. The survey includes:

Survey Setup & Use

  • All or selected SOC codes
  • All or selected industries
  • Customizable roles
  • Questions for every role
  • Advanced, web-based analysis tool
  • Export your results

Customized analytics dashboard with customizable sorting, searching and filters including:

  • Industry
  • Sector
  • Company Size
  • Employee Types
  • Shift Types
  • And More

Complex surveys to send and don’t know where to start?